From Richard M. Ryan’s Foreword

(…) Because every child and every family is different, there will never be a foolproof manual.  But basing her ideas on solid knowledge and established research on what children really need, the author of this book provides parents with the working principles they require to shape a homelife that can be both fitting for them and good for their children.

It’s hard to minimize the importance of such a contribution.  If the life of even a few families is improved by reading this, the effect is great. How children grow up affects not just them, but all the people and institutions with which they will connect throughout their life, as well as the children they may later parent themselves.  The effects of good parenting radiate widely, and can create a wave of positive change.

Thus, it’s my pleasure to introduce Sustainable Good Parenting, and to encourage you to enter into the dialogue it offers about how one can be the best possible parent. This book will start that conversation and take it in the right direction. It’s an approach that will not only be enjoyable, but that will hopefully lead to practices that make your own parenting more personally satisfying and effective, with the potential to lead to more rewarding parenthood, and setting your child up for a life of greater well-being.

Richard M. Ryan 
Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, Australian Catholic University
University of Rochester, NY, USA 

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